Flair 58 Plus Espresso Maker

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The Flair 58 Plus is firmly solidified as Flair's flagship manual lever espresso maker. Flair added more temperature stability with a detachable pre-heat cable, allowing you to set three different temperatures based on your coffee's roast level, helping you brew with confidence. The easy-to-use valve plunger and elongated T grip lever enhance your espresso workflow and make brewing back-to-back shots a breeze.

What you will need

Burr Grinder
Precision Scale (in grams)
Tamping Mat
Frothing Pitcher (for milk drinks)
Soft water (75-150ppm)

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Need to Know

What is it?

The Flair 58 Plus is a 100% human-controlled manual lever machine with a little help. With temperature control, Flair's pre-heat control system allows for three temperature settings for light, medium, and dark roasts, giving you unprecedented control for the most manual espresso-making experience. The detachable pre-heat cable lets you take the machine on the go without electricity. You will need a burr grinder, fresh coffee, and a kettle capable of boiling water. 

Who is it for? 

The Flair 58 Plus is for die-hard espresso purists and aspiring home baristas alike. The Flair 58 Plus sets you up for success with its temperature management, large capacity for espresso recipes and ratios, and enduring portability and build quality. 

Why do we carry it?

The Flair 58 Plus is a marvel in home brewing, not only elevating what's possible for home espresso but pushes those limits without the need for a motor or a pump. The 58 Plus is also beautiful with its black powder-coated finish, included walnut tamper and bottomless portafilter, and fully articulating mounted shot mirror so you can see your shots flow.  

Tech Specs

Height: 11 in
Width: 7.5 in
Depth: 13.5 in
Weight: 12 lbs