The Trail Run in which I Injure Myself

Posted on September 1, 2016
Tags: running, portland trail series

As some of you know, this summer I ran in the Portland Trail Series, which was pretty ambitious for someone who walks a fair portion of a 5k. But it was enjoyable for the most part, even though I was the last finisher for four out of the five races.

Yesterday was the first race of the fall season of the Trail Series. It’s been a few weeks, though I’ve tried to run occasionally so I’m not completely unprepared.

The good news is that I finished. And, true to form, finished last.

The bad news is that, unlike the prior races, I injured myself, pulling my left hamstring a bit further than halfway into the race. I limped the rest of my way back.

I don’t mind finishing last. I don’t mind injuring myself. I mean, I’m not keen on it, but it’s something that happens and isn’t going to get less frequent as I age, so I might as well accept it for what it is.

But I was so far behind that they called me on my cell to see if I was still in the race.

I finished a full 30 minutes behind the next racer, and they’d already packed up everything but the big timer that told me exactly how long it had been since I started.

I’m trying to have a positive spin on it. I mean, even limping half the race my pace was still better than 20 minutes per mile, right? But I still feel frustrated at inconveniencing people, and the whole experience was just a wee bit embarassing.

Next race is in two weeks, so I have time to heal up and even prep a bit more. Hopefully I’ll be back to last place by 5 minutes again.

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