Zombie Protagonist

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Some time in the mid-aughts, I decided to write a Flash game. Being the sort to make things difficult for myself and others, I decided to write it in a language which was brand-new at the time, Haxe (though back then it was stylized “haXe”).

I wrote the game, hand-crafted the sprites, used my own voice for the sound effects, and snagged a Creative Commons font from some website that had fonts. I used darcs for source control, and hosted the repository on a site which shut down a couple years back.

The game itself is extremely simple. You’re not a zombie, you’re a protagonist trying to save people from zombies. All you have going for you is a loud voice and slightly less fragility than everyone else (iirc, you only got infected if touched by more than one zombie at once, as opposed to the people you’re trying to save).

Even through the repo’s gone, I’ve got a tarball of the source, and intend to see if it still compiles once I get some time.